Sleepy Hollow Rag Rugs is near the shore, about halfway up the long coastline of Maine, in the town of Lincolnville. The studio/shop where we weave our rugs is in part of the barn attached to our house in the old New England style of connected farm buildings. In another part of the barn our pet pony spends the long, cold winters with a family of cats for company. A hen house and sauna sit on the edge of our vegetable gardens.

The way we earn our living is as much “Maine” as the architecture of our house. That is, we work at a number of small jobs, which taken all together, add up to enough to live on. Hardly anyone around here has only one job. So between us we weave, tutor math students, mow lawns, pick up the town beach, write a newspaper column, cane chairs, write local history, make bead jewelry, knit sweaters and hats, and sell our fresh eggs. As we jokingly tell customers, “If you don’t see it, ask for it.”

If you visit Sleepy Hollow in the summer we’ll show you around the place if you want. We’ve got it figured out – one of us takes the kids out to see the pig and chickens, leaving the wife time to look at the rugs. It’s just quiet enough around here that come summer we thoroughly enjoy all the company that stops by, including customers. Please email us with questions about the rugs or any of the other things we do.

-Diane and Wally O’Brien