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Sleepy Hollow Rag Rugs!

We weave real rag rugs using strips of old clothing, sheets, table cloths and curtains. You might find a row of denim from worn bluejeans, another of plaid flannel from a shirt, pieces from a colorful sheet. In fact, a single rug might have dozens of different fabrics -- prints, plaids, ginghams, velour, muslin, corduroy. With so many different fabrics we can create endless variations of color, pattern and texture. 

The cloth we cut up comes from our own family's clothing, and from that of our neighbors. We often come home to find large bags on our doorstep, full of clothing, sheets and sewing scraps, dropped off by a friend. Mainers love using things over and over, so people we hardly know save their old clothes for us. The rugs are woven using sturdy cotton rug warp. Ends are finished in either a twisted fringe or a woven hem. 

Our rugs are made with either cotton or wool fabrics. Both kinds are machine washable; follow the care instructions that come with your rug. Depending on the amount of wear they get -- traffic, washing, etc. -- these rugs hold up for years and years.

Rug sizes are approximately 24" x 40", 27" x 54", and 36" x 60". Occasionally we make a long runner. Watch our website for the rugs we have available. We've never made two alike, so take a look at our photos and pick out one you like. 

We ship the rugs via U.S. Postal Service, 
Priority Mail; note that prices include shipping. If you can pick up your rug, contact us first for the price minus shipping. Maine residents pay 5% sales tax. For international shipping prices, please contact us as well.

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